Tuukka Koski
(Photographer / Founder)

Tuukka Koski is a photographer. Before his career as a professional photographer, he worked as a chef in a two Michelin star restaurant. As an acclaimed creative Tuukka treats every project like it would be his only chance to show the world how talented and motivated he is. Every morning, after a great cup of coffee, Tuukka cycles to Chelsea and gets beaten up at a Brazilian jiu jitsu gym. As an extended hobby Tuukka has founded the world’s northernmost chocolate factory Levy Chocolate, operating out of Helsinki, Finland.

Client References: Lockheed Martin, Sharpie, Mast Brothers Chocolate, Bon Appétit Magazine, GQ, Fazer, Sebago.

Kimmo Syväri
(Photographer / Founder)

To call Kimmo merely a photographer is an understatement. He will openly oppose you creatively. He will make you re-think stuff you thought you had in the bag. He will help you kill your darlings. He might be wrong, he might be right.  I know what you’re thinking, this all sounds a bit harsh and feels like something you wouldn´t touch with a 40 foot pole, but it almost always results in good creative work. Whether it is stills or moving images, Kimmo is a co-creator with a capital C.

Client references: Makia Clothing, Finlandia Vodka, Sarpaneva Watches, Stockmann, Basso, Pelago Bicycles, Danske Bank.

Olli Häkkinen

Product and food photography are central to Olli Häkkinen’s style. His experience ranges widely from natural light location shoots to elaborate studio constructions. Olli has worked among others for Finlandia Vodka, Valio, Fazer, Kotipizza, Kaffa Roastery and Vaasan.

Osmo Puuperä
(Photographer / Founder)

Osmo has an outstanding ability to find beautiful details from anywhere trough his camera. He can make even the most ordinary things look magical.
This mellow, good-willed thinker is a wonderful human being to work with.