The core of our process consists of two key elements: Creativity and reliability. When working with us, these two elements are always present.

Each production process is tailored to meet specific demands. All of our productions do, however, follow the same basic model: top-notch creative solutions combined with coherent project management that ensures timely delivery, clear communication and sound budgeting. We take care of all steps of the production, from brainstorming ideas to delivering the final product approved by the client.



We are at our best when invited to take part in the creative process at the earliest stage. This way we will view the creative trough our own professional skill and experience and put it into action.



A good treatment is a job half done. Mood boards, script, conceptual drawings and productional outlines all play an important role not only in selling the work to the client, they also work as tools in turning ideas into reality.



When the roadmap is ready, production goes into action: Skilled professionals pave the way for the shoot making sure everything is in place as agreed. As pre-production materializes, approval rounds are run by agency/client to make sure everybody is on the same page. We try to keep this phase as boring as possible so that everyone can have a good night sleep before the big day.



On the day, everything needs to be ready at the launchpad: After careful planning and sourcing of the right people, right elements and smooth flow of information amongst them, the photographer and creatives can push it the extra mile.


Post-Production & Delivery

After the shoot, post production goes into action. Same rules apply here: Clear and smooth communication and swift turn around regarding edits and correction rounds. We like to finish our projects. This means running proof prints, online copies and making sure everybody is more than happy with the final work. Going over the project with the client to gather feedback on how to improve our performance the next time around is an important step of the process.