Arla Pro

Director: Tuukka Koski

In early 2017 Tomas from Kuudes approached us with an interesting project. The task was to create imagery and film for Arla’s global professional business unit, Arla Pro. Together with Kuudes, we finalized the image concept of the created brand identity, which was all about celebrating the hard work of the many different kitchen professionals they serve. Thus, this concept wasn’t about milking cows in a beautiful morning sunrise with an imposed smile (you get this picture), but all about capturing the authentic atmosphere of what goes on behind the swing door to the kitchen. The grit, passion and joy of making food for a living.

Our obvious choice of weapon for this long, ongoing commission was Tuukka. As he has the experience from the field itself and has tons of contacts to reach out to, we were able to start refining the brief in a short notice with the agency. So the plans started to take shape and form pretty fast and we headed to Stockholm to start the producion. The key idea was that nothing was set up or staged. We shot all the “action shots ” and the film during a real service, in real working kitchens. And we wanted to include all sorts of kitchens as well. From casual fine dining to pizza, from lunch buffet to hospital canteen. As in all these environments there are professionals that take care that we get the food we desire on our tables.

We also produced all the new packaging and label shots for the whole product range as well. This job was trusted to the fantastic Mr. Olli Häkkinen and the food styling was done by Nikola Tomevski.

Thank you for a great collaboration and for your trust on this, Kuudes and Ryk & Casper from Arla!

Agency: Kuudes
Account director: Tomas Rosenquist
Art direction: Piëtke Visser
Photography: Tuukka Koski
Director: Tuukka Koski
Cinematography: Max Smeds
Edit: Mikko Savinainen
Music: Florent De Maria / Midnight Music
Colorist: Petri Falkenberg / Grade One

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