Photographer: Tuukka Koski
In 2014 myself and Chef Esben Holmboe Bang of Restaurant Maaemo decided that we´re gonna make a cook book that we would be very proud of. Now in 2017 after tons of shoots and travels the book is out and I think we can be pretty satisfied on the end result. There´s been a lot of people along the way that made this huge project possible and I can´t thank enough all of you! Massive thank you to my crew at Koski Syväri, the team at Maaemo, Great designers Martin and Christian at Bielke&Yang, Illustrator Danny Larsen, Publisher Cappelen Damm, Brynjulf Krokstrand for the most beautiful wooden backgrounds, Einar Selvik of Wardruna for inspiration and for performing at our launch. Hope you like it as well!
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